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The Power of Family Sports


family sports events

in 6 EU countries organised



sport coaches, youth workers and educators participated



adapted to needs of all family members


sport coaches, youth workers and educators

from 6 EU countries will participate in international training


Our first Newsletter is published

Introducing our very first BONTS Newsletter. Get ready to be inspired by sports that everyone in the family can enjoy.


Our first Newsletter is published

Introducing our very first BONTS Newsletter. Get ready to be inspired by sports that everyone in the family can enjoy.

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Get ready for some family fun!

The BONTS project is on a mission to make sports and games accessible to everyone in the family.

 From young to old, we’ve got you covered with adapted versions of popular activities. This is more than just physical activity – it’s quality time spent together, making memories and having a blast. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bond and benefit from the joys of physical activity. Join the BONTS project today!


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BONTS collection of good practices

12 sporting activities designed to engage and entertain the whole family! From adapted sports games, through tips on how to create a larger sport event – this handbook has something for everyone.


BONTS collection of good practices

Perfect for gatherings large and small, this handbook is packed with 12 creative activities that are sure to delight every member - from young ones just starting out to more experienced seniors.


Recommendations for adapted sport activities are published

You can now design innovative activities based on existing sports that are tailored to the skills and abilities of every member in the family.


Recommendations for adapted sport activities

Take football for example - whether it’s toddler soccer or grandma-friendly golf, custom adaptations will make sure everyone has a blast playing together.

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Know-how: Building Family Bonds Through Sports

Get ready to explore the world of organizing international training sessions and family-friendly sport events!


Know-how: Building Family Bonds Through Sports

Our guidelines offer an array of tips, taking into account diversity among participants – from professionals in attendance to the varying sizes you'll have.



Get your family in the game with our unique website!



Here you can find tips, tricks and advice to help everyone from Grandma to little Johnny get involved in exciting sporting activities that are fun for the whole fam.

Get ready to be inspired!

 Check out heartwarming videos and testimonials of families sweating it out together at sports events. Not only do they have a blast, but they also get to spend quality time and witness the amazing benefits of physical activity. Join the fun and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones!

sports for families in water

Wonderful world of sports and its benefits

Physical skills

Regular physical activity through sports can improve a child’s overall fitness, coordination and balance, leading to better health outcomes in the future.

Social skills

Working together as a team, communicating with each other, and learning how to share and take turns are just some of the skills that children can hone through sporting activities. Additionally, sports can help children develop their emotional intelligence, learning to handle winning and losing with grace and developing resilience in the face of setbacks.

Life skills

Goal-setting, perseverance, and time-management. Whether they are working on improving their performance in a particular sport or simply learning how to balance their time between school and extracurricular activities, sports can provide children with valuable opportunities to grow and develop as individuals.

Family sports for all

Our Approach

Intergenerational Sports Lab in Serbia

Joining forces for an exhilarating week in Nis Serba from 2 – 6 March 2023, 18 passionate sports coaches, youth workers, and educators from 6 European nations united in the first-ever Intergenerational Sports Lab. Together, we developed inclusive sports activities perfect for all family members. Let’s empower the community through sports! Watch video here. 

Family sport events in 6 EU countries I.

Hey families! Get ready for some exciting sports events in Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Cyprus during spring, summer and autumn 2023. To join us, simply stay connected with our social media pages Facebook and Instagram and we’ll guide you on how to sign up. We can’t wait for you to get involved!

Intergenerational Sports Lab in Croatia

Do you love promoting family sports and physical activities? Calling all sports coaches, youth workers, and educators to join us at the Intergenerational Sports Lab in Croatia, taking place from October 4th to 8th in Zagreb. Let’s come together to inspire the next generation of athletes!

Family sport events in 6 EU countries II.

Attention families! Get pumped for thrilling sports events taking place in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Cyprus during the spring and summer of 2024. Plus, we’re testing new sports and physical activites that cater to your family’s needs on a national level. Let’s get active and make unforgettable memories together!

International training in Cyprus

We’re excited to announce that during our International training in Cyprus, we’ll be showcasing a collection of adapted sports and sharing recommendations and know-how for these activities. We’ll also be discussing how sports can help build strong family bonds. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Stay tuned for more updates.

Training is 6 EU countries

 If you’re unable to attend our international training in Cyprus, we have a fantastic alternative! We will be organising short trainings in six European countries, in your national language. These countries include Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Cyprus. Don’t worry, we have you covered.

I can't believe how much closer my family has become since we started participating in family sport events! My kids used to be glued to their screens all day, but now they're eager to get outside and play with us. We've spent more time together in the past few months than we have in years, and it's all thanks to these events. Not only are we all getting exercise and having fun, but we're also building stronger relationships and making memories that will last a lifetime!
Nicosia, Cyprus
Jerry with his daugther
As a busy parent, it's sometimes hard to find time to connect with my kids. But with family sport events, we have a scheduled time each week where we can all come together and bond over a shared activity. We cheer each other on, give high-fives, and laugh together as we play. It's a perfect way to unwind after a long week and forget about stress for a while. Plus, it's great to see my kids get outside and be active - it makes me feel like we're setting a good example for them and promoting healthy habits in the future.
Vienna, Austria
Matthias with his son
I never thought I'd be the type to participate in a family sports event - I'm not exactly the sportiest person around. But I have to say, I've been pleasantly surprised! These events are designed to be inclusive and adapted to the needs of both children and adults, so everyone can participate at their own pace. The friendly, non-competitive atmosphere makes it easy for even the most uncoordinated of us to feel comfortable and have fun. I've discovered a whole new side of myself and my family, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to try something new!
Nis, Serbia
Jelena with her 2 daughters

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